Cool Clear Water

Were The Sons of the Pioneers and Hank Williams on to something besides a hit record? Cool, clear water is the best thing for quenching thirst and keeping your body well hydrated. Water constitutes up to 75% of an adult’s body weight and even more in children. That can be 10-12 gallons of water for some. How does water do your body good?

Water protects your health and keeps your body functioning properly. Dehydration can lead to migraine headaches. Since our brains are 85% water, you may feel fatigued, dizzy, depressed, confused or disoriented if you become dehydrated. Loss of fluids also weakens muscles causing loss of coordination and muscle cramps. Cramps can be extremely painful and severe. Your kidney function is highly reliable on water to remove waste products and toxins effectively. Be careful when exercising heavily that you don’t become dehydrated and cause harmful damage to your kidneys that may not be reversed. Water is a necessary component for proper lubrication in your joints and back too. Dehydrated joints and disks can deteriorate more quickly over time causing friction and some major discomfort.


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