City Administrator Report

Good Bye To The Past, Looking To The Future

“Whatever happened to Eureka?” a lot of people ask. Especially those that moved away and then have stopped back by. Many who have lived here 30 years or more remember a vibrant, busy town with businesses up and down Main Street. People were walking the street shopping, taking care of business and just socializing. Where did all of that go? The transformation happened so gradually most of us didn’t realize it was even happening. Sure, we saw the different stores slowly wind down, close their doors as the owners retired and then change hands. I guess we thought that somebody would open up something new to take their place and to be sure a couple of them have. But for the most part, no; the buildings just sit there and deteriorate. I have a list of five that probably will have to come down. For two or three, there is no probably about it, they need to go now.

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