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What a way this New Year started: Freezing rain, power outage and snow! I heard the freezing rain late the night before and woke up as soon as the power went off in the morning. Got up to let Punky out and saw the snow that had come down and was still coming down.

What is “Chionophobia?” It was a beautiful sight to see. I think I only heard two vehicles all day Friday and maybe three on Saturday. The lack of vehicles made for really quiet days.

The birds were sure hitting the feeder though. I hadn’t paid much attention to it before, it was placed where it is for Mom. Now that she’s gone I keep the feeder filled and sit in her room and watch the birds. I didn't realize how many types and sizes of birds there are. So keeping that filled is an every other day job.

The snow on Friday, January 1, had me wishing I was a lot younger and in better health. Brought back memories of sledding on a car hood being pulled by a 4WD pickup. It started in town, but the city marshal, Larry Sele, suggested we take it out to the Point where there was no traffic. My dad, Bob Cummings, called someone and got permission.

Other times we slid down the south side of the dam at the east end. The landscape was different back then. My dad was right there in the middle of the fun with us kids, teenagers actually, as were other parents. That was a long, long time ago.

I can’t remember who all was out there, cause we went out there several times. But there were lots of people most of the time. Last time I was out there it was just three of us; me, my younger brother and a friend of ours. That was many years ago. Can’t handle the cold anymore.

Hello to all in area nursing and assisted living facilities; Hello, also, to all in area hospitals and rehab centers.

We want to offer our sympathy to all who lost loved ones this past week. May they rest in peace.

Answer: The fear of snow.

Although the weather warmed up some and melted the snow, the weatherman is calling for more snow by the weekend. Make sure you have the essentials stocked up in your fridge and cupboards.

It’s NFL playoffs all weekend with a triple header Saturday and Sunday, so it will be a good time to just hang around in the house and hibernate. Stay in where it's warm and dry.

I heard that the food boxes will start again on January 19.

It’s good to have friends looking out for us like Colette Link, Larry Crossfield, Spence and Lee Sherman. Got to love a small town that looks out for one another. Got some homemade pumpkin and banana breads the other day also, Kay Banks does a great job.

Holidays may be over, but that is no reason to not look out for your neighbors, friends and the elderly. Kindness doesn’t have a season. It should be 24/7/365!

Quote: “Winter is on my head, but eternal Spring is in my heart.” - Victor Hugo

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