Resident Asked Council To Pay For Blown Tire

At their regular meeting last Monday, Eureka city councilmembers heard from a disgruntled citizen about an incident that occurred on March 15. Jamie Junkersfeld of Eureka was traveling west on River Street when she hit a bad spot in the pavement, near the Main Street intersection, where a storm drain meets the asphalt. At the council meeting, Junkersfeld presented pictures of the road and her car with a blown tire, from the day of the incident. She asked the council for $95 to pay for her replacement tire, adding, “I’m not asking for the reimbursement for the time off work that I lost, I’m not asking for the alignment that needs to be done for the vehicle at this time either.” She also saved the blown tire, as evidence of its good condition and it is currently in the city’s possession.

Councilman Mark Kennedy explained that paying for tire damage is typically not something the council does. “But it is the city’s responsibility to maintain the roads, and we’re paid a certain amount through the state to maintain Highway 54,” argued Junkersfeld. The city receives approximately $6,000 from the state each year for highway maintenance. Junkersfeld wanted to know how those dollars were being spent. City Administrator Ian Martell explained that after the situation, street crews worked to correct the pavement issue and made it less hazardous. Junkersfeld claimed that the city knew about the problem before March 15, as KDOT told her they had notified the city about it. None of the council members, Martell or city clerk Renee Burk were aware of any previous communication with KDOT.


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