Greenwood County Commissioners Approved Meeting Room Updates

Commissioners continued discussion over the courthouse meeting room renovation project during their regular meeting on Monday, November 25. Commissioner Chuck Spradlin noted that, after having prompted Emporia and Olpe construction companies over the prospect of completing the project (only being met with replies rejecting the idea of traveling that far for work), Mike Brazzle of Madison’s Brazzle Builders Inc. was approved to construct the commissioners’ desk, lectern, and platform. Commissioners had previously received a bid of $13,800 from Brazzle, an estimate that included the construction of press, legal counsel, and clerk's desks, in addition to the now approved commissioners’ desk, lectern, and platform. When the subject of approval was bridged, Commissioner Roy Ballard said, “I don’t know that we need a Cadillac in a Chevrolet garage. We want it to look nice, but we don’t want to break the bank doing it.” Spradlin reminded Ballard that discretionary funds had been budgeted for in the previous year.

“I was pretty much opposed to spending too much money. It sounds to me like Mike has the price down to where it would be affordable,” said Commissioner Paul Hodge. Following concerns voiced by Commissioner Ballard about costs, commissioners began reviewing areas where funds could be saved. Though the vote for approval was not unanimous, with Commissioner Ballard voting no, the project received approval with an estimated $13,600 budgeted for completion. Construction will likely begin soon after the start of the new year.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Darrel Chrisman reported the completion of major construction to the bridge located at 360th and R. Though minor finishes are still in the works, the bridge is now open for public use once again. Chrisman also addressed a question posed to him last week by commissioner Joe Morgan. Morgan was concerned with the state of a county driveway entrance and asked that Chrisman look into the issue.


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