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Letter(s) To The Editor Policy:

The Eureka Herald encourages readers to express their views about issues through a letter to the editor. Letters should be 350 words or less. They may be edited for length, good taste and to eliminate potentially libelous statements. 
Letters may or may not be edited to fit The Herald’s style or to eliminate errors in grammar or spelling. Thank yous will not be ran as letters.
Letters must be signed, include an address and daytime phone number and be submitted by 4 p.m. the Friday before publication. (Address and phone numbers will not be published)
Letters To The Editor of a political nature, especially endorsing a candidate, must be paid for as political advertising. If the letter is addressing political issues but not a specific candidate, they will be printed as a free letter to the editor, at the discretion of the editor, if it meets other requirements. If letter doesn’t fit within our requirements, advertising pricing will apply.
You may send your letter by mail to: The Eureka Herald, PO Box 590, Eureka, KS 67045, by fax, 620-583-5922 or by e-mail news@eurekaherald.com.

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