Township Board Issues Brought To Commissioners

Concerns about the management of Salt Springs Township were brought to commissioners during their regular meeting on Monday. Lloyd Newkirk, township treasurer, recently submitted his resignation. At the commission meeting, he explained that he was unable to get ahold of Delbert Trimble, township board member, to sign checks and pay bills. With the township clerk position currently vacant, Newkirk and Trimble are the only board members. Harold Sullens was also present at the meeting, as he had been fired as township road grader by Trimble, without the consent of Newkirk. Trimble claimed that he is not hard to get ahold of, and that Sullens was not doing an adequate job on the grader. At one point, Sullens and Trimble engaged in a heated discussion regarding road upkeep and Trimble’s work. Commission chairman Chuck Spradlin intervened by striking his gavel several times on the desk. When the discussion came to a stop, he asked those present to set a township board meeting.

“This shouldn’t be a oneman show,” said commissioner Paul Hodge. “If we can’t get this figured out, we might have to figure out a way for the county to take over the township,” he added. Commissioners and county counselor Paul Dean suggested that the township board start meeting regularly each month to approve bills and make decisions. “You need to have meetings,” said commissioner Spradlin, “And not here.” Commissioners and several others in attendance were hopeful that Newkirk would rescind his resignation and try to make things work by meeting monthly. Newkirk agreed to stay on as treasurer for one more month and they set a meeting for the next evening, Tuesday, May 21, at 7 p.m. at the Happy Hour Club in Fall River. At the meeting, they will discuss the township’s bills, the road grader situation, and will try to identify a third board member. Don Haun was present at the commission meeting and indicated he would be interested in serving as clerk. All township meetings are open to the public.


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