Social Distancing Before It Was Cool

Here at the ranch, social distancing is kinda our jam… we’ve been doing all of the things that seem to be everyone’s “new normal” for generations! Loooooooong before it was cool!

Closures, cancellations, 50% occupancy, and working from home are all things that everyone is getting used to right now. But here in rural America, life is a little different than what you all are experiencing in the city…. it’s basically business as usual.

Farmers’ and ranchers’ lives are continuing, in large part, a lot like they did before all this craziness began. Every single day, ranchers are caring for animals and maintaining grasslands and waterways, farmers are milking cows and planting and harvesting crops. The weather, the season, the accumulated rainfall, and temperature dictate what and when things are happening on the farm…no matter what else is going on in the world. Farming and ranching are quite simply, essential.




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