Rockin’ Robin!

As a child, I remember anxiously awaiting my dad to return home after picking up the Sunday edition of The Wichita Eagle. It all started with the comics, and slowly my love for checking out the other sections grew. Journalism has changed over the years, but I promise you it remains strong. This week we celebrate “National Newspaper Week” - journalists across the nation work hard to ensure the facts are shared with their readers. Most newspaper journalists strive to keep their opinions out of their reports, unless it is their editorial. It’s a focus of letting our readers form their own opinion, however, we are diligent on reporting the happenings and the news that we believe is vital. I have heard people say “newspapers are dying.” We are not! I believe there has been a disconnect with many, mostly due to social media. It seems that instead of wanting to find the facts, many choose to believe what they see first. We, in the newspaper industry, work diligently to make sure our readers get the facts! Of course, we want to be first, but we worry more about sharing factual information.


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