Rockin’ Robin!

I’m not sure if it is a sign of age, or simply a sign of having too much on my plate. But, it seems that my memory has taken a drastic dive. Some items have been important (meetings) while others were simply minor things (stopping at the grocery store for one item). But, some of course still have me laughing.

It’s sad really, the amount of resources we have to create reminders, yet I still had an epic mom fail this weekend. Although the wonderful device I tend to have bolted in my hand failed to “remind” me, my memory jumped into overdrive as the flag football teams were telling each other good game. My brain not only realized the game was over, but I quickly wrapped my head around the fact that I was in charge of snacks! How does one forget that?! Although it may have been an epic mom fail, I know at least my son was excited that he got to venture to the concession stand for a snack (along with his teammates) following the game. It truly takes a village! And I for one, am beyond grateful for the community that helps me through each crazy moment!

Robin Wunderlich


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