Grant Received For Bridge Near Blakely Cemetery

On Monday, May 11 Road and Bridge Department employee Kassidy Turner reported that Greenwood County would, with the commissioners’ approval, be receiving a grant for the necessary repair of the East bridge located on 390th Street, near Blakely cemetery. Under the agreement, KDOT would pay $211,000 of the project while the County would be responsible for an estimated $23,572.50. Commissioners approved to proceed with the contract.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Darrel Chrisman told commissioners that he recently spoke with a representative from Foley Equipment regarding the process of getting the bulldozer that took on water last week, as river levels rose rapidly while workers were making necessary repairs to a bridge, evaluated. Chrisman noted that water did not get into the truck’s exhaust.

Chrisman reported that Greenwood County should anticipate a change in pricing of the recycling option currently being offered to residents. According to Chrisman, Emporia is currently not charging the county for recycling, but due to recent price increases, the neighboring county may begin to charge per ton of recyclable material. Chrisman stated that Emporia is currently being charged $46 per ton for recycle pick-up, but may soon be charged over $100 per ton. Commissioner Roy Ballard spoke in favor of eliminating the option altogether locally, stating that the money would be “better spent someplace else.” Ballard then noted that $5,300 is budgeted annually to provide Greenwood County residents with the option to recycling.

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