City Administrator Report

In the last installment I gave an overview of the city’s environmental code and some of the procedures a person should follow if they receive a notice from the city. The violations we look at the most are old tires, especially ones not on a rim that can hold water and provide a breeding site for mosquitoes, piles of trash and limbs, parked vehicles in a non-operable condition, and deteriorated or dilapidated structures. There are many others that can present an issue, but the City Council has asked us to focus on these.

Secondly, it’s midsummer, it’s hot, it’s Johnson Grass season, and I know everybody is tired of mowing. But there are many locations where it’s difficult to mow and they are just being skipped over. Many intersection corners and along the curbs, the grass is out of hand. The city needs your help either to mow these areas or weedeat them. Even if the rest of the lawn is mowed, if these places are left tall it can generate a mowing letter and if not dealt with may turn into a ticket or if the city has their crews mow it the cost is a flat $100 plus man hours added on.


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