Commissioners Consent To EMS Leave Modifications

On Monday, June 8, Ambulance/EMS Director Brian Mongeau asked that Greenwood County Commissioners consider modifying the Ambulance/ EMS policy for funeral leave. Mongeau noted that because employees for the department work two consecutive 24-hour shifts, the 4 days allowance provides individuals with the opportunity to take off for two weeks. He noted that this has the potential to create issues in regards to scheduling individuals to fill in for those hours. It was then noted that the fourday allowance was adopted with 8-hour shifts in mind. Mongeau noted that individuals need their time for bereavement, particularly in the event that a spouse or child passes away, but 96 work hours, resulting in two weeks off, puts a strain on scheduling. Legal Counsel Paul Dean will draft a modification to include that EMS staff are allowed 48 hours leave for funerals and allowance is left to the discretion of department heads.

Election 2020

In a little under 8 weeks, residents across the nation will take to the polls for the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 4, where Republican and Democratic affiliated residents will narrow down the choices on their ballots for the November 2 General Election. The Eureka Herald will be sending questionnaires to those that filed for Federal, State, District Court and County positions, and will feature their responses prior to the primary. If you have a question you would like to be answered by those positions, please email or answer The Herald’s Facebook “Question of the Week.” Additional details on the August 4 primary will be included in future editions.


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