Madison Resident Spoke In Support Of Mask Mandate

On Monday, August 24, Greenwood County Commissioners heard from Madison resident Bob Kimberlin, who spoke in regards to recent mask related discussions. “I’ve watched the citizens of Greenwood County become divided and confused on the COVID matter. Some wear a mask; some do not,” said Kimberlin. Kimberlin then stated that he thought masks should be worn in public places. “Where people meet, I think a mask would be appropriate,” said Kimberlin. Kimberlin told commissioners that he had watched a recent USD 386 Madison-Virgil board meeting, noting that the state and the county are sending school officials mixed messages where masks are concerned. “I think the commission could help unite us by adapting a mask mandate. We need uniformity, in the county, on mask wearing,” said Kimberlin. He continued, “This do as you please resolution helps fuel the division and confusion in the County. Don’t put the extra burden on schools and businesses to make the decisions on masks.” Before opening the floor to comments from the commissioners, Kimberlin stated that wearing a mask is a show of respect and compassion for others. Commissioner Paul Hodge offered Kimberlin a response, stating that commissioners had agreed that the decision to wear masks or require that masks be worn, 2x4=$52 would be left in the hands of individuals and business owners. As Kimberlin stated that a county mandate would support businesses who have mandated that masks be worn, Hodge stated, “That would be us telling them what to do with their business and I think it should be up to the business to make their own decision.” Commissioner Roy Ballard then stated that of approximately 6,000 residents, Greenwood County currently has one active case. “America’s about choice and we’re giving them that choice,” said Ballard. Before expressing his appreciation for being heard, Kimberlin told commissioners that he believed combating the spread of COVID-19 was similar to a military operation; there is a need for uniformity and discipline. Hodge closed the discussion by offering his appreciation to Kimberlin for coming to speak.

City Of Hamilton Reviewed Contracts For City Lawyer

On Thursday, August 13, following the approval of the bills and minutes, Hamilton City Clerk Amber Woodie told council members that three contracts had been received for the position of City Lawyer. Chris Ambrose of Harvest Legal is currently serving as the City’s temporary lawyer at a rate of $250 per month. The following bids were received: Daniel Wernert of Wernert Law LLC, $50 a month retainer fee and $150 an hour, Chris Ambrose of Harvest Legal submitted a second bid in the amount of $170 an hour and Stuart Symmonds of Symmonds and Symmonds, $175 per hour plus mileage. Councilman Larry Walford requested that Woodie get in touch with Paul Dean of Putnam and Dean, LLC to see if he would submit a bid. Woodie will look into the matter further and the council will revisit the subject at their next meeting.


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