Fox Offered Clarity Regarding Letter To The Editor Submissions

At the regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, February 10, commissioner Ben Fox offered clarification regarding letter to the editor submissions referencing support toward attaining funding for the Christian Hills Bridge (printed in last week’s issue of The Eureka Herald). Fox stated that one of the letters made it sound as though the county had previously done little work towards attaining funding for construction to the bridge. Fox noted that this was false. “Between 2015 and 2019, we’ve had seven grants applied for,” stated Road and Bridge employee Amber Woodie. “I’m glad you brought that up Ben. Because different people seem like they are thinking that commissioners are holding it up and we are not,” said Commissioner Paul Hodge. Chrisman noted that so many bridges are needing repair because a number of them were built in the 1920’s.

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Took Oath To Serve City Of Severy

To start the Severy City Council meeting, last Monday, February 3, councilmembers Marc Warren and Ronald Roberts and Mayor Tom Eubank took the oath of office. Councilmember Warren was elected and Councilmember Roberts and Mayor Eubank were re-elected last November to serve a four-year term. The February monthly


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