Grievances And Concerns Presented To Eureka City Council Members

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At their regularly scheduled meeting held on Monday, March 9, Eureka City Council members were addressed by lake resident Jerry Strecker. Strecker brought before the council what he believed to be code violations committed by his neighbor Joel Morris. Strecker stated that Morris, who was present at the meeting, built a retaining wall to prevent water from running into his house and by doing so, has now redirected water to drain into Strecker’s storm cellar. Strecker then questioned Morris in regards to whether or not he was operating a hunting club out of his residence; to which Morris responded, stating that when he invites friends and business clients to hunt with him, they stay in his house.

Strecker stated, “They take off at about three in the morning, it wakes us up, they have to go out first and warm up their trucks, you have a number of dogs that you bring.” Morris cut in stating, “Our dogs don’t bark though. Yeah, we do have dogs, but they don’t bark like yours.” Strecker continued, “But what they do do is, you’ve graveled your entire front yard, so to poop, they come over in our yard.” Morris told the council that he and his guests take their dogs across the road to relieve themselves. Councilman Darren Rundell asked Strecker which ordinance he considered applicable to the given issues. Strecker read ordinance 4161, “No person shall conduct any business or perform any services for profit upon any lot. No cabin, house or other building shall be used for any unlawful purpose and for the violation of the City code, the governing body may revoke any license issued hereunder and require the removal of the building from the premises upon such a notice. His building is supposed to be at least 100 feet from the high water mark on the lake. I measured it; it is at most 94. Which blocks a lot of our view, that’s why we bought that lot.” Morris later noted that the position of the shed helps block the noise created by Strecker’s five dogs barking.

Morris then asked Strecker, who had circulated pictures amongst the City Council members, how he was able to take photos of the inside of his garage and from angles beyond his property line. Strecker stated that one windy day the doors were open and he went over to close them, taking a picture, but never stepping inside of the garage. Strecker also noted that he propped a board up against the doors to prevent them from coming open again. Morris stated that he had seen the board leaning against the doors.


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