Greenwood County Residents To Receive Tax Statements Soon

Greenwood County Commissioners spent part of their meeting on Monday discussing the special meeting set to take place on Tuesday of this week between commissioners, Eureka city council members, and Greenwood County Sheriff’s office representatives. The meeting was scheduled as a result of the city council’s recent decision to not accept the 2018 contract with the sheriff’s office “as written” (see related article on page 1). Commissioner Brian Hind mentioned that he spoke with five of the council members individually last week and noted a general confusion about the monetary amount on the table. Sheriff Heath Samuels asked the council for $262,000 for the 2018 contract, a $30,000 increase from previous years. The current contract for 2017 expires on December 31. When budgeting for 2018, the city council allotted $234,000 for the contract. With other large expenses on their plate (i.e. River Street resurfacing), and a question of whether the contract is being enforced, Eureka City council members are hoping to negotiate the contract.

At the commission meeting this week, Sheriff Samuels said he asked for a $30,000 increase based on actual costs incurred by the sheriff’s office as a result of the contract, which had not been adjusted in many years. He told commissioners this week that he would be comfortable with $232,000 or $234,000 from the city. However, he noted an interest in adding a clause to the contract regarding inflation increases.



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