Greenwood County Commissioners Discussed Dispatching Fire Procedures

Discussion regarding the dispatching of county fire units was held during the weekly meeting of the Greenwood County Commissioners on Monday of this week.

Fall River Fire Chief Robert Graham addressed the commission regarding Fall River fire units not being paged to recent injury accidents on Highway 400. Graham noted that he was involved in a head-on accident recently on Highway 400, and although the response time was within spec, it seemed lengthy. He felt that Fall River Fire could be on scene within five minutes. Graham stated there are eight firefighters that serve on both the Fall River City Fire and the Greenwood County Fire – Fall River Division.

Greenwood County Fire Chief Doug Williams stated, “If we (the county) are going to respond 10-48 (injury) car wrecks and various things, we have an obligation by law to provide infection control programs, which include infection control vaccinations, to the tune of $500 per man.” He continued, “There is a cost associated if they want to respond.” There are 15 county fire divisions within Greenwood County, and Chief Williams didn’t believe it was feasible for all divisions to undergo this program. Graham stated he would talk to the Fall River City council to see if they would like to pursue this avenue.

It was noted that Fall River Fire units can not provide medical treatment, due to lack of EMT training. They are able to serve as a first responder, but are limited to CPR and first aid. Fire units also have the ability to utilize AED machines.

Greenwood County EMS Director Brian Mongeau did state that response times were checked and were all within the adequate time frame.

During their last meeting, Commissioners received a funding request from Greenwood County Hospital (GWCH) to assist with a Medicare payback. GWCH board president Pam Brown noted the hospital is actively taking cost saving measures, as well as seeking additional revenue streams. Brown believed that funds from the half-cent sales tax should be received by July. Commissioners didn’t feel they could issue funds at this time, as other issues may arise. They hope to continue to look into this matter, and asked Brown and CEO Sandy Dickerson to return to the commission in a month or so.

Madison resident Bob Kimberlin and Eureka resident Don Scott revisited commissioners to follow up on the request for war-designated flag holders for Greenwood County veterans’ graves. Commissioner Ben Fox stated he had ordered a bronze holder for comparison, however it hadn’t arrived at the time of the meeting. No decisions were made.

During the road and bridge report, Amber Woodie shared they had sold six-months worth of cardboard to Linn Paper Stock Co. out of Oklahoma. Greenwood County will receive $1,707.75 for the 22.77 tons of cardboard that was purchased at $75/ton. She noted that the rate was a little low, but felt it would increase as the company was pleased with what they purchased. Woodie stated, “It makes it a little more feasible to be offering this service to the community and it’s really growing.” She also stated the department is looking into other recycling programs, including plastics.

Greenwood County Health Administrator Vicki Ross asked for clarification regarding accrued time for county employees, as she felt an employee didn’t receive accrued time. Ross will get with County Counselor Paul Dean for clarification, and possibly update the policy if needed.

After learning of a recent employment verification, Arlene Edwards asked, “If new employees are coming on at $12, when is longevity going to be addressed?” Commissioner Chuck Spralin indicated she should talk to her department head as that is their decision to increase salaries.

Prior to last week’s meeting minutes being approved, Commissioner Paul Hodge noted an error in The Eureka Herald’s commission coverage last week. The error included listing that funds commissioners reallocated into a courtroom general

fund. The fund accounts

were transferred to the courthouse general fund. We are sorry for any confusion

this may have caused.

Greenwood County Commissioners approved:

•Purchasing 20 tires, at $225/each before a tariff goes into effect

•Purchase a 36-month warranty for a hydraulic motor, totaling $2,772.

•To continue with the design portion for “Bitler’s Bridge,” located north of 190th and X Road.

•Payroll in the amount of $100,520.02

•Payables in the amount of $162,315.70

•Liquor license for Tri-Corner’s.

•Pursue a quote from Re-Invision to update office space for new commission meeting room

•Employment of Brandi Starr, as an Administrative Assistant at the Greenwood County Health Department, at $12/hour

The next meeting for the Greenwood County Commissioners will be held on Monday, March 18, at 9 a.m.

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