Eureka Days Scheduled To Take Place In September; Council Discussed Lake Lots and Transfer Requests

Eureka Chamber of Commerce member Steve Brown sought the council’s support for scheduling Eureka Days in the fall. Brown told the council that, though discussion related to moving the date was a byproduct of the pandemic, the September date would allow for new events to be added. Brown described creating a fall festival of sorts, with the possible availability to increase the participation of local schools. Additional details regarding the September 18-20 events will be shared as they are made available and the Eureka Days event approaches. On behalf of Jordan Ungles, City Administrator Ian Martell presented an inquiry regarding the possible division of lake lot 85. According to Martell, Ungles wanted to know, in the event he was to lease the property, would the City allow the lot to be split in two to allow for a single-family home to be constructed on both halves. Councilman Darren Rundell spoke in favor of the division, stating that the property was of sufficient size to afford such a split. Rundell next told fellow council members that he would recommend that two separate sewer connections and water meters be used for each half. City Clerk Renee Burk stated that Ungles has not made an offer for the property, noting that lateral field allowance and the ability to divide the property would both play a role in his decision to lease the property or not.

Council members questioned Public Works Director Preston Evenson regarding whether or not he thought both halves would have adequate space for lateral tie in. Though he was not positive, Evenson did not think space would be sufficient. Officials will look into the issue further and provide Ungles with an answer at a later date.


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