Eureka City Council Discussed Storm Damage

At their meeting last Tuesday, Eureka City Council members discussed damages done by the heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in May that produced upwards of 24-inches of rain. City Administrator Ian Martell explained that he spent time last week taking photos and documenting damage for FEMA purposes, with the hope that the city will get reimbursed for damage-related expenses. He said that the city’s sewer system became so full of water that it was “almost unusable.” Some residents called the city, claiming that sewage was coming up through their drains. Martell spoke to a Kansas Rural Water Association engineer who explained, “There’s no way to engineer for this kind of weather.” Martell said that no amount of lining or fixing manholes was going to make a difference with that amount of rain the city received. He did say, however, that he is looking into doing a smoke test of the city’s sewer lines, which is done by KRWA at no cost to the city.

Martell said the majority of the city’s damages were roads and they could be fixed relatively easily. He said that none of the city’s buildings flooded, but the roof on Memorial Hall had several leaks. “I was actually surprised at how fast the water went down,” said Mayor Michael Countryman. He then asked about how the city tests its water supply. Martell said the water department takes samples “all the time” and tests for various chemicals and pressure levels.


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