Eureka City Council Delayed Lake Fee Discussion Until After The New Year

On Monday, November 9, Lake Board president Bruce Hawthorne, accompanied by board members Pamela Kurtz and Kathy Jenkins, came before Eureka City Council members to request further delay in the discussion of lake fee increases. He noted that this would provide additional time for the board to contact more residents, particularly those who do not live at the lake yearround, regarding the matter. Hawthorne noted that when discussion of fee increases first began, he did not know they were delving into such a time-consuming matter. He then thanked all parties who had invested themselves in the issue. He noted that as the board, as well as the council subcommittee (Councilmembers Darren Rundell and Marcus Johnson) look to make an informed decision to present to the council, additional time would allow for better communication between the board and lake lease/ license holders. He then referenced concerns expressed by lease holders pertaining to the lack of communication between the board and themselves. Hawthorne noted that he was particularly concerned about the impact raising lot fees would have on lease holders who were employed within aviation, which he noted had been impacted by COVID-19. Council members will reconvene on the matter after the first of the year, providing time for the Lake board to discuss the matter with lot license holders as well as the Council’s Lake Committee. Eureka City Council members are slated to make a decision regarding the fees in February of 2021.

Hawthorne then stated that the manner in which the lake committee and lake board have been presented in news coverage makes differentiating between the two difficult. He noted that a description would be helpful. Mayor Stephen Coulter stated that the lake committee was a council subcommittee comprised of Rundell and Councilman Richard Drake. He then told all in attendance that the Lake Board served in an advisory capacity for the council and is comprised of lake license holders. Current Lake Board members are as follows: Kurtz, Jenkins, Hawthorne (President), Harry Sayers, Jim Boone, Loren Elsen and Pat Anderson.

The reporter for The Eureka Herald present noted that she had differentiated between the board and committee in past reports where lake discussions were mentioned. Those reports were featured in the following editions of The Eureka Herald: November 4, October 21, March 4, February 5 and the January 27 meeting where the committees were first formed.



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