County To Issue Refunds For Those Affected By Mill Levy Error

A data entry error affecting some residents in Greenwood County was uncovered last week and discussed during this Monday’s Greenwood County Commission meeting. When entering the mill levy amounts for 2018 property taxes, county clerk Kathy Robison said she mistakenly entered the levy for Southeast Kansas Library System at 1.00 instead of .100. She said the refunds issued by the treasurer’s office will amount to approximately $47,000, but will not affect those living inside the cities of Eureka, Madison, or Hamilton, as they are taxed differently due to having their own libraries. Treasurer Donna Olson said that approximately 1,500 refund checks could be issued, but many are under $1. She asked commissioners if they wanted to issue refund checks for those less than $1. Commissioners agreed that those taxpayers should be issued a revised statement with their refund amount listed. To get the refund, they will be asked to come to the treasurer’s office within 60 days. Those getting a refund of over $1 will be mailed a check. Robison said the clerk’s office will be paying for the expenses associated with the refund, i.e. postage and extra checks. Both offices are still working with the software company to correct the error and hope to notify those affected in the next couple weeks.

In other business, Robison relayed information from the Secretary of State’s office regarding the switch to a five-person commission board. The office would like Greenwood and Marion County representatives to work together and mirror each other during the transition, as Marion County is going through the same process. She relayed that the board should continue acting as a three-person board until the new commissioners are elected, meaning the current quorum will remain at two.


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