Complaints Expressed During Eureka City Council Meeting

Several complaints were shared last Monday, July 13, during the Eureka City Council meeting. The complaints regarded municipal court, city code system and dissatisfaction of a city property owner.

Lori Dashner discussed her son’s recent experience with the Municipal court system. L. Dashner stated that on May 2, a Greenwood County Sheriff’s Deputy wrote her son a speeding ticket for going 46 in a 30 mile per hour zone. She noted that her son’s name was spelled incorrectly on the ticket. Ren Dashner, age 24, informed the officer that his name was spelled incorrectly and the officer proceeded to correct the top of the ticket, but did not correct it in a second location. “All the officer had to do was transcribe his license over and he couldn’t even do that,” said L. Dashner.

On June 1, R. Dashner pled guilty to speeding. L. Dashner stated that on June 26, prior to the payment deadline, R. Dashner came to the City Administrators office and attempted to pay the assessed fines, totaling $184.50; for speeding in the amount of $81 and court costs in the amount of $103.50. “The form of payment was U.S. coins, 18,400 pennies to be exact,” stated L. Dashner. She then noted that coins are a form of legal tender and the municipal building has no sign indicating that change will not be accepted as payment. According to L. Dasher, when her son went to set the coins on the counter to make his payment, the box broke, spilling the pennies. She stated that City Administrator’s Secretary Karen Simon refused payment and called the judge in. The Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office was then called and R. Dashner was then handcuffed by another Greenwood County Sheriff’s Deputy, who proceeded to usher him into the hallway. Following a brief discussion with the judge and Simon, The officer brought R. Dashner back into the room and un-handcuffed him so that he could pick up the coins.



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