Commissioners Met, Canvassed Votes

Before canvassing the general election votes on Monday, commissioners met for their routine weekly meeting. They revisited several topics including V Road off of 50th and the courthouse chiller, and received routine updates from Road and Bridge, Noxious Weed and the Sheriff’s Office.

Max Tharp of Severy, is interested in re-opening the portion of V Road that was closed in 2009. Last month, Tharp claimed that the road was not closed properly, as he was not notified of the petition. Commissioners have clarified that the portion of the road that was closed does not actually reach back to Tharp’s property, but agreed to research the closure to ensure it was done correctly. This week, county clerk Kathy Robison presented the original closure petition and the list of those landowners who were notified. Upon review, commissioners were confused as to why some landowners were notified, but others were not. One of the adjoining landowners was not on the list, however one person was notified that didn’t even live in the county, according to the county land book. Commissioners asked how he would get back to his property if the road was opened, since it still doesn’t reach his property. Tharp said after the first portion is open, then he would work on getting the rest of the road opened that does lead back to his property. Commissioner Brian Hind said he would be in favor of opening the first portion up, if Tharp obtained written permission from the other landowner to get to his own property. “If we open this road and you still can’t get to your property, then we haven’t done any good,” said Hind. Tharp wasn’t sure if he could get that, but said he would try.


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