Commissioners Approved Payment Of Direct Aid Applications Through SPARK Funds

Approval received for Appraiser’s Office replacement vehicle

On Monday, October 12 at the weekly Greenwood County Commission meeting, Commissioner Ben Fox reported that the State of Kansas had approved Direct Aid Applications. He noted that the funds had to be spent prior to the year’s end or they would be lost. Commissioner approved payment of the following: Eureka USD 389, $50,260; Hamilton USD 390, $65,486; Greenwood County EMS, $233,570.32; Madison USD 386, $80,000. Fox noted that, in addition to paying South Central Kansas Economic Development District’s administration fee, Eureka Nursing Center was still waiting for approval for Direct Aid.

Undersheriff Randy Cox brought before commissioners a bid pertaining to the purchase of a replacement vehicle for the Appraiser’s Office. Cox told commissioners that Parks Motors was currently holding a Jeep Compass. Next, Cox stated that he had bids for both a Chevy Traverse and a Ford Explorer. He then recommended the Compass, referencing the high rating received for the motor and the vehicle being 4-wheel drive as both being advantageous. After delivery and administration fees, the purchase price for the vehicle would be $21,767. Cox also noted that this was approximately $10,000 cheaper than the estimates received for the other two vehicles.

Following a question posed by commissioners, Appraiser’s Office employee Shawna Griffitts stated that approximately $5,000 in insurance money had been received for the claim on their previous vehicle. Commissioners approved the Appraiser’s Office spending $21,767 for the vehicle purchase.



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